How I Feel (Full Lyrics) I & Ideal Ft. Disl Automatic

New official music video by I & Ideal and DISL Automatic for 'How I Feel' taken from 'Inner Sense' Produced by 3DaMind

Video edited by Global Faction


Yeah.. this is how i feel / Emotional.. / Feeling unsociable.. / When i wrote this song.. / Like this is how i feel / How i feel.. Yeah..

I & Ideal Verse 1

How i'm feeling at the moment / its goes deeper then emotion / i'm seeing the commotion / which aint easy but I'm coping / I'm focused / because i need to fix and solve it / rather then seeing evolving / into an evil thing that's growing / demon and the omens / are really on controlling / but there is no redeeming for the soulless / my people are the soldier / for freedom and we won't quit / not leaving we'l be posted / on the front line, when its crunch time / why? for how they treat us is atrocious / it really is revolting / and like a bulimic i am so sick / of eating what the media is feeding us and showing / so i'm standing up, and yeah i'm speaking till it's noticed / even if they don't listen, i will scream it and i won't give in / defeating the opponent / the elitist and the known rich / who are greedy for they don't give / to the needy who are homeless / it has me feeling at my lowest

Disl Automatic Verse

I feel emotional, unsociable, unapproachable / what am I supposed to do with all these uncontrollable / feelings inside of me / I'm angry at society / I'm angry at the people who deceive me and lie to me / who say they love me, never leave me, then they say goodbye to me / I wonder if I died today would any of them cry for me / sometimes I feel like I'm alone upon this odyssey / of life without nobody by my side who's down to ride for me / sometimes I feel like I'm so lonely I could cry a sea / but then I feel ashamed so I remain in pain silently / sometimes I feel angry and I don't see why I should be / peaceful when the people all around me acting violently / they take advantage of my kindness and my modesty / they chew me up and spit me out without an apology / honestly I feel like giving up on humanity / can't take it anymore, I've had enough of the insanity / I am a human with a wide range of feelings / I embrace them as my nature and they change like the seasons

I & Ideal Verse 3

How i feel at this precise second / is un-real but let me try pen it / i'm ill because of lifes stresses / still i'm counting lifes blessings / for i aint been killed / nor am i inside spending / time sentenced / nah, i'm spreading a wise message / rhymes shedding / light / when i step in / mind / in the right setting / i / no what my quest is, a live session, mic checking / one, two, then run through what my set is / til I'm sweating buckets / spreading something with heavy substance / to try and end corruption / then i get it published, with independent funding / no, I'm never stunting / my moneys never spent on rubbish / and yeah i'm repping London / with the ones who have in-depth discussions / and with the one who will be never running / if a revolution is ever coming / we'l be there to defend the public

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